Auto 2 poles three stations stator winding machine ND-SQ2003ST

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Product model:ND-SQ2003ST

Product parameters

  • Machine size:1600X1700X1830(LXWXH)(exclude wire holder) 2400X1700X1830 (LXWXH)(include wire holder)
  • Stator OD:50~90mm(can be customized)
  • Stack length:20~60mm(can be customized)
  • Stator ID:30~50mm(can be customized)
  • Rated efficiency:if wind 0.32mm/300turns,52~55sec/3pcs
  • Travelling distance:135-190mm adjustable(standard model) 150-220mm(lengthen model)
  • Speed:0-550rpm adjustable
  • Wire diameter:copper wire 0.25- 0.9mm(can be customized)
  • Pole:2poles
  • Motor power:4KW
  • Voltage:three phase 380V
  • Air pressure:0.4~0.7MPa
  • Machine weight:about 1.5T
  • One people operate one machine,manually load/unload:
  • Change-over:30mins

NIDE upgraded model three stations stator winding machine with 2 poles 

1.   Main function and feature

The automatic stator coil winding machine hasThree winding stations to winding the stator

The automatic stator winding machine Automatic feed, press stator tight, assemble fixture, wind, clamp and cut wire

There 6pcs stator stations: left and right moving to load/unload, when three winding stations do winding,  the other three stations is ready for loading/unloading

Protective cover: adapts robust aluminium alloy section

Wire end length can be adjustable, it can have tapping function if required 

Casted frame, stable accuracy, good vibration absoption.

High efficiency


2.Standard electric configuration

There is protection cover for the moving unit

There is safety alarm indicator for necessory position

There is emergency button, once it’s pressed down, the machine will be powered off

There is safety switch for each safety door, the safety door can’t be opened in auto mode

3.Machine color

Alarm indicator: yellow

Main color: RAL 9003

Safety door: organic transparent glass

Aluminium profile has blue inlaid strip

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Auto 2 poles three stations stator winding machine

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