Automatic Two Poles Stator Winding Machine ND-SW-2

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Product model:ND-SW-2

Product parameters

  • Stator O.D:50~90mm
  • Wire diameter:0.25~0.8mm
  • Stator stack length:20~45mmm(standard);30~60mm(lengthen)
  • Stator I.D:30~50
  • Slot number:2 poles
  • Air pressure:0.4~0.7MPa
  • Lubrication mode:Continuous lubrication oiling machine
  • Voltage:AC380V,50/60Hz
  • Weight:1800Kgs
  • Dimension:2100*1250*1830mm

This type of stator winding machine can automatically wind the coils into stator slot. The winding can be programed in the touch screen. 

(1) Machine Function and characteristic:

1. Cast iron or steel frame can absorb the shock. Accuracy is stable. The maximum winding speed is up to 450rpm (according to the wire diameter).

2. All the actions are fully automatic (including loading and unloading). The winding could be more stable and efficient.

3. The cutting part structure is in compact. Wire clamping and cutting is finished at the same time.

4. Easily to change the fixture for different types of stators.

5. Fixtures are in cycle operation automatically. It is benefit for the on-line operation.

6. Permanent magnet tensioning device enables the tension adjustment.

7. Travel and swing angle is adjusted within 150-220mm (mechanical adjustment) .It could adapt to different requirement of different stator models.

8. Two working stations


It is suitable for two poles stator.

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Automatic Two Poles Stator Winding Machine

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