Window lift Motor temperature switch Thermal Protector NDPJ-RBHQ-1

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Product model:NDPJ-RBHQ-1

BR-A1D. BW series thermal protector is an automatic temperature recovery device. It is installed in series with the motor coil. Therefore, the thermal protector will respond to the temperature change and motor current. The heat caused by temperature and current raise will transmit to bimetallic element. Once the preset temperature is reached, the bimetallic element will react and make contactor cut off. Then the circuit will be cut off. Once the motor temperature decreases to the rated recovery temperature, bimetallic element will recover to the initial station. Then the contactor will close and the circuit will reconnect.

Temperature specification

Open temperature: 50~150±5℃, one gear per 5℃

Reset temperature: it is 2/3 of standard opening temperature or specified by customers. The tolerance is 15℃.

Contact capacity

They are applicable for more than 5000 cycles under following condition.










The thermal protector can not sustain heavy impact during working.

The word side is the temperature sensing surface. 

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Window lift Motor temperature switch Thermal Protector

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